Friday, 20 August 2010

My Pet's Health Care Day

Today Like any other Friday is a day when I do  full check on my pets to make sure they are OK

Spot Cat Wand Mini Teaser ToyFor instance the Cats - I lay with them for about half an hour with a toy that I made using some coloured string and a small wand type cane, the string is tied to the end of the cane to form a dangling effect - they go wild for it. I saw one in the pet shop for about rm54 and remember thinking oh my god its just a bit of wood and string.
Anyway back to the point of checking the pets, I look for any problems of walking, jumping,crawling and eye to paw co ordination and reactions to the movement of the toy. Glad to report cats are OK

Suki and Mia Playing

Next I move onto the birds, first the Budgies, with the birds its a matter of cleaning out the cages, (although I do this every day) and checking them over for any wounds they may have, or any eggs in the cage(time of the year) also check poo for signs of blood etc, and then I hold each one and spread its wings to check for lice and rashes or sores. - The Budgies are OK

 Next is the Love Birds, again basically the same as for the budgies, except the love bird are brilliant escape artist and love to chew things so you got to check the cages and door clips are all in tact, and replace any toys or food, fruits not eaten, otherwise the ants will be all over the cage.
In the UK I used to clean the cage every second or third day but not in Malaysia, Must do every day.
The love birds have an open bath in their tank so i get to watch them when bathing and can see under their wings for lice or sores.(this is good because they not ready to be handle by mt just yet).

Then its onto the fish tanks One Marine tank and three tropical tanks plus a pond on the balcony with koi.
The fish need close inspection for spots or sign of leaning to one side or rubbing up against the rocks. all can be done while cleaning the tanks, filters, sponges air stones and marine tank the nitrous Skimmer remover.

All this sound a lot but in fact it can be done with in an hour.

I can then rest and enjoy our pets having a great time and enjoying their lives, while at the same time giving us great pleasure at watching there antics.

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Some free information from the blogs and other websites.

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