Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Last Day Bargains At The Book Fair - I Hope - In Johor Bahru

It's the Last day at the Danga City Mall book Fair, and I don't know about you but I always wait till the last day to pick up the bargains.

**UPDATE ** Just got back - Must point out that it's an Education Book Fair, lots of childrens education material and I even took in the Childrens Cultrul Dance on the main stage. So no bargains for me today ha ha.

This Event has been very popular with our school children, and why not reading is such a joy and can take them on  magical journey's.

They Also have a Caricature Corner where lots of laughter can be heard from the artist interpretations on his clients.

It always amazes me, how, out what looks rubbish at the start,  the face and feature start appear on the paper. Such a skill and lots of hours working at their art. I may have one done myself.

Some Reading books for sale..
Nightmare at the Book Fair
Barney: Book Fair

other blogs for book interest.
Have a great day folk's...

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