Monday, 9 August 2010

Rare Gothic Lovebirds - Arrives in Johor Bahru

Tomorrow I will set up the big flight cage I have for them, and transfer them to their new home.

Suki and Mia the cats are not to happy having our attention drawn away from them, Suki got really anxious about them so I had to put into her room so as to give the bird some peace. (she was like that with other birds at first but soon settles down once she sees that we still give them attention.)

I Have been after the masked type for years and not come across any I liked, but as soon as I saw the mauve rare one I new I had to have it, and only right I got the man a girlfriend, also a good point both these bird have the singing voice, and not just the chirp, make a nice sound as the roll the whistle.

I post more about them as they settle in to our home along with the other birds two cats One Marine tank two tropical tanks and one koi pond out on the balcony.(keeps me busy but to me a home without pets is not a home.

As soon as I get a landed property (not living in condominium) I'll be getting a dog, some chickens and maybe a goat depending how big the land is.
Some books for sale on lovebirds,
    Some more of the masked lovebird pictures
Masked Lovebird (Agapornis personata) at Auckl...Image via Wikipedia
A Black Masked Lovebird named Zoro. Masked Lov...Image via Wikipedia

Some more info from around the blogs and websites

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