Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Washable Electric Shaver – Love It.

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Not the most interesting headline I know but it is the truth, I got a Panasonic washable electric shaver and its so much better than any of the other’s I have tried out their.

Wet Shaves are still the best but in today's fast life they take to long.
Today's shavers you can use on the go.

With my last one a top of the range Braun syncro, although a good shaver but cost a lot of money in the cleaning side of it, you had to buy cartridges to fit the cleaning machine and over time works out expensive.but as far as the shave goes it was a good shaver.
  The model I got now is the Panasonic model ES8116 has a ….
  • Lamdash Triple Blade Shaver
  • Curved multi fit arc shaving head
  • Washable with Drying/Charging Stand
  • World's sharpest 30 degree inner blade

but with this I can do the top part of my face, then rinse it and continue to do the under chin bit. and because I rinsed it, the bottom half gets as good a shave as the top part.
Then I just rinse under cold running water and place it into the drying machine. So easy.
RM 250 at Jusco but trust me it was worth every cent.
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Justin Lim Yee Jin said...

hey i love electric shavers too!
I have a Braun waterproof something something. It's pretty expensive but simple and fast to use, pretty clean shave too. Doesn't have to change cartridge tho..

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