Monday, 23 August 2010

Wasted Trip in a Thunder Storm in Johor Bahru

Yesterday the Post man left me a note saying he had tried to deliver some mail but I was out.

So I called the toll number on the form to arrange another delivery, that was for second post today (usually around 11.30) So I got back from the gym around 10.50 only to find he had already been.

This is good service from the post office to re-deliver but because I missed him I now have to go collect it myself in Larkin.

So I thought I'd set off after lunch around 2pm as it would only take me about 20 Min's max to get their, ha ha took over one hour because of the bad weather.
Only to be told that postman not back yet due to the bad weather. (not his fault) So I have to go back tomorrow.

So in future I shall stay in till the mail is delivered.

Even now at 5.12pm the thunder and lightning is beating down on the new customs building. Hugh flashes of lightning.

One thing I like about living in Johor Bahru Malaysia is that the people are so nice, and smile when i get served.

On the subject of mail, the other day I posted a letter to friend in the UK, just as I was posting it i realised that the colourful stamps were in fact cockroaches, but it was to late to do anything hope they see funny side of it lol.

Problems of mail in other countries...

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