Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Cockroach War - I Won

About 2am this morning I had, had enough, I just could not fall off to sleep, I could hear a tiny squeak coming from the swing arm of the AC. and it drove me mad. so I turned it off and tried to sleep again then the dogs were barking around the neighborhood, so I decided to get up and make a Decaff and chill a little be4 going back for another attempt.

As I walked into the main lounge their it was Using my new iMAC, I was not impressed. it was about 2inches big and making clicking noises.
So I reached for my soft brush to sweep it into the scoop and toss it over the balcony back to freedom. but this one did not want to go, he liked using my imac and wanted to stay.

First it jumped from the scoop and ran behind the chair so in I went after it, once it felt the tip of the brush it fly into the air, towards me ( I Sh** it lol and ran back towards the kitchen).

once it landed i gave chase again, this time it was heading for the cats room and I thought oh no you will get ripped apart if you go into their room. ( I no most of you would say let it, but to be honest I don't want me cats eating nasty things like that) But then it turned and dived into the cardboard box that the cats use for play but what hit me was oh no I heard that cockroaches love cardboard to lay eggs in.

So I stepped up my attack and threw the box into the shower and turned on the shower.

Once i lifted the lid I had the shock of my life, I kid you not their he was loving the water and I swear it looked like he was washing under his arms. ha ha!, OK I exaggerate a little but it was not fazed by the water one iota.

I then go cruel and tipped the small box so our dear cockroach went for a swim into the toilet.
And YES I did flush it.

So all I had to do was clean up the mess I had made. plus I had woken the parrots and they were now joining in telling me off so much that the budgies at the other end of the lounges joined in.

Oh my, its 2.30 am and I got the birds choir going ape-sh**.

So I covered the cages - that shut em up and was about to go into my room when the cats started meowing at me. So a quick play with Mia & Suki for five mins and I was ready for bed.

I did sleep but was like a zombie at the gym about 6 45am. however after exercise and leisure by the pool I felt refreshed and laughed at my antic of the night.

Glad I Won.

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