Thursday, 9 September 2010

Food Glorious Food - JB has Some of The Best.

Food Glorious Food - Today I met up with friends and went for a nice Chinese meal in Taman Pelangi called the NYORK and boy was it good, (the place was packed out at 1pm) 4 of us managed to get a table and quickly had the order taken, Tofu with mince pork, Fish in chili, Calamari in chili, green veg, in fantastic sauce, big Plate of clams - Now if anyone knows me I wont touch things like that, but today I thought what the heck go for it and I did, and while the snotty ugly looking thing in the clam, I was supposed to eat, was just as I expected, chewy slimy but the sauce it was cooked in was fantastic, then  I was told not to chew them but scoop into mouth and swallow then enjoy the sauce taste. That changed everything I began to enjoy the process and used my teeth to scoop the clam out ( while it was nice I think anything in that sauce would be good) but hey I tried and guess what? I'm still alive and well.

Then after this meal,we were off to Cheeseolicious for coffee and snickers cheese cake, but they failed, tasted nothing like snickers but still good in it's own right.

But as I always say its the company that makes the meal, and today was no exception, had a great meal in Johor Bahru Again, Wonder when I'll get a bad meal?

So my advice when in Johor Bahru is to try anywhere you fancy - The standards here are very good.

Now I'm stuffed so will just relax and chill out get myself ready for tonight's attack at the Japanese food.

PIG "who said that". ha ha I agree, but its only now and then. and the holiday weekend begings today.

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