Thursday, 23 September 2010

Getting a SunTan With out All The Pain, In Johor Bahru

Your Guide To Sunless Tanning - Perfect Tan Without Frying In The Sun
Tan Without Sun.
I've been in Johor Bahru now nearly 5 years and in that time I have not manage to get a good sun tan, Why? well as you know it gets far to hot, and I always used to put it off till around 4pm when the sun was not at it's hottest.

But living in Malaysia you find that rain usually comes in the afternoons or it seams to down here in Johor Bahru. So hence not getting quality time by the pool to sunbathe.

That was until I joined this gym in a resort setting, about 3 weeks ago, and I usually arrive their to workout about 6 30am each morning.

My Morning Play Area.

After workout I then proceed down to the swimming pool area about 8. 30am just as the sun breaks over the tops of the palm trees and down onto the pool area, so after I swim for a bit its just right, I then lay on the sunbed for about 1 hour in total with showers in between. and have found this to be working. not only am I getting a bronzed body but doing so without any pain at all. (however once it goes passed 10am) forget it as its far to hot.

So if you want to be that bronzed God or Goddess on the beech this year get out early in the morning for your sunbathing.

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