Thursday, 30 September 2010

Grow You Own Pineapples in Johor Bahru

Yes you can actually frow your own pineapples in Johor Bahru, and the best part it's free, well when I say free it made from something you would trow away.

Ok when you next go shopping for a pinapple pick one with a good leaf showing, then just grip the leaf from the bottom and twist it out from the pineapple body.
Then all you do is place it into a cup with some water in the bottom so that the roots will grow, change water regulary and once you got good roots like picture below you are ready to plant into soil.

 it wont be long before you have the plant settled and stable in its pot.
I have had mine four years and only now is it producing the flowers that become your baby pineapples.


 This is the baby pinapple growing.

This is not hard to do just time waiting for them to grow but I can tell you they make great garden plants to look at and are very hardy plants. 

Well good luck with yours, any questions leave a comment and i'll reply.

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