Thursday, 2 September 2010

Home Made - Chicken Curry With Saffron Rice And Condiments

Today has been so busy, I started off as usual with the run to drop son off at Customs then go straight onto the resort for my morning workouts and relaxation by the  pool afterwards.

I got it off to a tee now, and have managed to get the sun everyday for the last week or so, usually around 9am through to 10 30am then after that it usually rains or goes into overcast.

I love my morning routines now, its so laid back and relaxing and of course its doing me the world of good. then today was time for me to get stuck into the cleaning of the apartment as I have been a naughty boy this week. Not keeping up with the housework.

So I was working online and realised I had not got anything sorted for our dinner, then I remembered I had some chicken fillets in the freezer so got them into defrost mode while I put together the veg nice and chopped then mixed with my curry paste and spices, the rice I cooked in the rice cooker with some saffron added to give the rice a rich yellow colour.

I also cooked some boiled eggs and grated some fresh coconut to sprinkle on the curry later, I also like to add a little, coconut milk just before i serve so it has the rich taste, in this curry today I also have added some sultanas to offset the heat of the spices.

and I have made some fresh mint yogurt to serve with it yum yum.

Drinks to serve with it and you may laugh at this will be Vimto and vit c tablet dissolved and mixed in over ice. goes so well with the curry.

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