Friday, 3 September 2010

Life Dont Get Much Better Than Living in Johor Bahru

Malaysia - "JOHOR BAHRU" MugOK So many of you will be thinking Johor Bahru great place to live, not sure about that. and quite right to because none of us are the same in our requirements for a lifestyle.

For me however when I'm out enjoying the local food at the hawker stalls or eating cheesecake and moka coffees as I did today, I sat back and thought Wow! does it get any better. but of course I have to include the fact that it's the company I am with while eating that really make it. as today for instance we never stop laughing.

The noodles with mince and soup with tofu accompanied by herbal tea, then as above over the cheeseolicious for the great cheesecakes and coffee..

Now I'm back home and about to get stuck into the laundry (not so glamorous I know but it has to be done) then it will leave my weekend clear to relax and chill out.

Contentment is the key to a good life really, being happy with what you got and not always wanting more(easier said than done i know).

But for me Johor Bahru has so much to offer expats from in my case the UK - the weather, the people, the food. the local cultures. But for me The Food is my pleasure so I hope if you are reading this back in your country. look up on the Internet about Malaysia and it culture of many faiths, living side by side and the different food style they each bring.
A Melting pot of yummy food.

Then look up about living in Malaysia, you will be surprised at how far your money goes, and the high quality of food and service you can buy, that would cost and arm and leg back home.

feel free to message me if you want any more information on johor bahru. I'll be only to happy to reply.


Johor Bahru Expat said...

I'd generalize your statement to Malaysia. This country is bustling with life, its people are friendly, and the food is scrumptious. As you say it well, the good life !

BTW, I created a Johor Bahru page on my wiki, but as I don't have the chance to live there, feel free to check it out, correct me, or add stuff that I missed when you have the time :)

Bemgba Nyakuma said...

"Contentment is the key to a good life" I like this quote of yours, as I do your blog posts about Johor. Keep them coming! Groeten!

John J Foster said...

Thank you both for your comments, It's nearly July and I am still very happy in Johor Bahru, Many of my friends in Singapore mock me for living here, but I bet my bank balance will the better as cost of living is about 3 times less than Singapore and with more and more international shopping malls and store opening, it will only get better.

Horizon Residence11 said...

As a Singaporean. I really agreed with You. Quality of Life in JB is great with Big space, wide road, big house, car, greenery at very low cost. 2 Thumps Up !!

As for Crimes...just double checks & keep yr eyes open. It is just simple SOP for survival.

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