Saturday, 11 September 2010

Mia The Cat Gets SPAYED Today

This is Mia on one of her chill out days, but today is her turn to be spayed, This is something I have not been looking forward too, but realise it's necessary .

Mia is at the age now when she is starting to change, She has always been a pleasant cat with no biting owner habits, but now is like a teenager finding her own way and being rebellious.

Our other cat Suki was the same but after being spayed she returned back to her adorable self, so hopefully Mia also will do so.

Watching her today playing and looking up at me for food and water, none of which I can give her make me feel awful, but is necessary for the operation to be carried out.

With Suki I had the dissolvable stitches and that went OK so I think I will opt for the same with Mia.

I think however it will be more involved when she gets home as the after care will be different than for Suki being a short haired cat. I guess Mia's long hair may irritate the wound, as the wound is left uncovered with just a yellow sterilizing solution to be applied daily.

Today I saw they even do bumper stickers relating to this subject

I Spayed My Cat - funny stickers (Small 5 x 1.4 in.)I Spayed My Cat - funny stickers (Small 5 x 1.4 in.)

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Syu said...

Mia should meet my Syasya...they are so adorable aite?

John J Foster said...

Thanks for your comment Syu, Syasya do you have picture of her.
Mia is a real loving cat.

Syu said...

Sure I have...she is 1.6 yrs almost now...but I dont 'blogging' so how can I send it 2 u?

Anyway I like Suki as well...she is different, indeed they both are soooo adorable...

John J Foster said...

Thanks you can send it to

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