Sunday, 12 September 2010

Post Spayed Operation Mia The Cat

Well this is Mia after her ordeal completely zonked out, she was drowsy for most of the day and night but today is much better but still very tired.

The difference being she let me groom her this morning (keeping away from the belly area of course) but was so tired.

To be honest I got more scared than she was you would think it was me going for the operation, I had all the symptoms - jitty tummy, not wanting food, but anyway its done now and unless I get another cat we wont have to go through it again.

Having said that I do have my eye on a main coon cat.

When Suki had her spay op the scar was quite big but Mia's is so tiny, and very well stitched, (well pleased with his work) This was done at the

Global  Pets
18 Jalan Jati 1
Taman Nusa Bestari Jaya,
Johor Bahru.
Tel : 607-5123344


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