Monday, 27 September 2010

Storm Drains Overflow in Johor Bahru

Just another sign of how the world is changing, when what once used to cope with the rains, can no longer cope.

Looking out over the valley below and out towards the sea. I can see the storm drains are dry, then after about two hours of rain they are up to the brim or in some cases as on Jalan wadi hana have over flowed and turned what was once a road into a river.(Part is due to blocked Drains that have been blocked for at least two weeks that I know off.) The city worker must be over stretched because they are usually very quick to respond and deal with blocked drains.

Anyway the thing is, once the rain stops the water soon recedes back to their empty status, but I was thinking wow not in the monsoon season yet and they are getting blocked already. so things somewhere are changing.
I know lets blame el nino everyone else does.

ciq plants by roadside
One thing I do know is that having the rain fall on Johor Bahru is a blessing to the plants and trees. I really like the effort of the city council for their never ending efforts to plant up the city, every road leading out of Johor Bahru had lots of forna and colour.(all takes a lot of looking after) and for me makes driving in johor so interesting and enjoyable.

I also love driving on the highways as most have lots of palm trees on them. for me palm trees = tropical climate. and give me the feel good factor.


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