Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday Feast Poh Piah And Friends

I was invited around to my friends house to join in with the family feast of poh piah, and what a day it was.

Ingreadients for the perfect poh piah.

Once I arrived I was introduced to the members of the family, and they made me feel at home right away, and without delay was introduced to poh piah making, of course I was bragging about it being easy to do, and yes you guessed it no sooner I had ingredients and started to roll it, it fell apart,(now where was that hole to jump into lol), So without delay just added another skin, the first one i made had to much Chile but still tasted so nice. the one thing I like is you can eat as much as you like because it's all mainly just vegetables.

to follow we had some fruits. and coffee,(brewed to perfection).

And the good news is I even got a take away for my tea. One of life's great pleasure for me is having nice friends to enjoy life.

And here I am living the good life in Johor Bahru.

OK off to watch the Singapore grand prix .

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