Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Today is my Piano Day and the one day I get really Naughty.

Piano day for me means day out of enjoyment and food,

Playing the piano is for me a great relaxation but hard work at the moment as I am doing the music theory and its like going back to school.( yes I even get home work).

So I set off early in fact its 1am now so I'll leave home about noon getting to bukit indah shopping mall about 12 30 if traffic is ok.

Then I'll have a walk around until I find the food that takes my fancy, you see on this day I get naughty and have things like cakes hot chocolate buns all the things they say is bad for you, (whoever they may be).

But as I workout every day I think it affords me the right to splurge and have fun.

Sometime though I overindulge and turn up at piano lesson somewhat bloated ( not a good idea really I mean farting in the middle of fir else does not go down well with teacher and get my knuckle wraps with the ruler lol).

Also today I have seen a landed property and will endeavour to get over and see it from the outside then if I like will call and arrange viewing inside after the lesson.

Must say I like the area of bukit indah so many of my favorite restaurants and shopping malls close by.

Traffic is sometimes a problem but I now use the motorway pay 2.40 toll and gets me right into the jusco area of bukit indah so quick, the money saved on fuel in traffic jams pays for the toll.but for me its also the convenience of safe driving going along the pearling route is sometime pretty tricky with cars learching forward out of side roads without any care of whats coming onto them.

but today ill have to use that road as the house I'm going to look at is around sg danga.

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