Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The World At My Feet

That's how it seams sometimes, when I look out on glorious day like today, I can see for miles and as I'm on the 22nd floor it enhances the view.
In fact when I first moved into this condo I got scared looking out over the balcony my whole body shakes. but now its cool and I spend most of my time doing this and other online works while sat out here.

Always a gentle breeze blows around me cooling me down and of course as it's not good to look at the computer screen for to long ,I have no problems with something to look at.

I have been thinking about getting a landed property for a while now but one thing for sure I will miss this view.
With a landed property I can potter around doing things to enhance the building and landscape.(I enjoy pottering). In fact that's one of the things I miss being in the condo no opportunities to potter.

Oh well not to worry but to give you an idea this is one of the sunsets I often witness from my unit in the sky.

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