Tuesday, 5 October 2010

As an EXPAT, Something I look forward too every month

I signed up for this magazine in 2006 and like clockwork it's delivered Free every month.
I look forward to recieveing this magazine and spend a good morning on the balcony sipping Jasmine tea, while I look at it's glossy pages of information relating to Malaysia and the MM2H Programme that I live here in Malaysia under.

It's good to catch up and events that hve taken place and are featured in the Mag,
it also carry lots of information relating to the lifestyle of an expat living in Malaysia, and the stories of Expats themselves living here and what they think of it.
I like this section as I get an incite into their lives and how they fit into Malaysian life.

Well I better retake my seat back on the balcony, time to read the second part and its classified section, amazing some of the shops that are out their, I will say it manly focuses on KL but its still a great read.
The section on recommended restaurant are a must read and the pictures are so glossy you feel you could just eat the food they display, but the best thing is you can, but of course a trip to the places advertised is good because you are given a guide as to the running of the place and sometimes the story behind the scene, of how it all started out.

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