Sunday, 3 October 2010

Being Invited out for Coffee and Cheesecake could have Saved My Life.

OK I know the heading is a bit dramatic but I truly believe it, and I'll tell you why it was Friday about 2pm and I was working on my online marketing business when my friend called and asked if i wanted to join them at cheeseolicious in Johor Bahru.

Anyone that knows me will know I can not resist an invite to a cheesecake coffee house.
but on this occasion when i went down to get in the car I notice it was slightly lob sided, and looking to the drivers side notice the tyre looked a little low and it was only when i bent down I a saw this ....
Close up

first glance
So as you can see this could have exploded at any time and as its on the front drivers side you can imagine the jolt to the steering this would have give.
The reason I say my friend saved us is because I had no other reason to use the car till about 6 30 when I got customs to do pick up, and at this time its dark so I would not have noticed it.

The cost was around Rm 1000 for two new tyres and the tracking was also out and needed realigned front and back , so next month I'll change the back tyres too as they are bit worn on inside due to bad tracking( JB Pot HOLES are to blame).

So it pays when getting in the car to check tyres, I myself always check the air when I fill up the petrol tank, so never saw this and as the tyres still have lots of good tread thought I was OK for few more years of driving.

One thing for sure you can not mess around with is the tyres for the small area that actually touches the road surface its important to that they are giving you that all important grip when you need it.

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