Thursday, 28 October 2010

Cold Storage - The Expats Choice for Food

retire immigrate malaysia wine fair cold stora...Image by WohinAuswandern via Flickr cold storage wine selection.
I love to shop at cold storage but to be honest its so expensive, Or is it, They have to import the stock so relatively speaking the mark up would have to allow for this, but I'm addicted, if I go in for a small item I always end up spending over rm200,
The one thing for sure is, it does at least carry a vast amount of things that I used to like in the uk.

They now have a Deli counter with many types of fresh breads and meats but its the cheese that I really like. and a vast stock of Waitrose frozen foods, love the roast potatoes and fishes.

Living in Malaysia I have found my living standards have shot up, the food here is fantastic, Not had a bad meal here when eating out yet.
Also the type of foods I was eating(but have cut down as my middrift was getting bigger) lobster, prawns, crabs, steaks, pork ribs lion, and such a variety of fruits.
It's so easy to put weight on here, but I go gym every day otherwise I would be massive.

But one thing I can say is that I am living the good life here, if only the Brits would wake up and realise they get far more for the buck retiring here instead of Spain.
In fact I have given up telling my friends of the reason to come live here. They are set in their ways and still see Spain as the place to go when its their time to retire.
The Classic Gourmet Food and Snacks Gift Basket - SmallThe Classic Gourmet Food and Snacks Gift Basket - Small

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Anonymous said...

....pricier for cold storage's items, but u feel safer eating Skippy's peanut b frm USA made frm honest-to-goodness-ingredients, rather den those u see in hypermarts-Skippys from China, just dun buy anything from China ,also the Pringles frm US is how it should be, unlike malaysian ones, quite inedible, taste-wise. Nope i dun shop at CS,too $$$, went there twice and made an observation. Thx for interesting blog page

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