Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Control Your Breathing

Max Strom: Learn to BreatheI was reading an article in the newspaper today about breathing, and the funny thing is that around 60% of us do not breath correctly.

I looked down and they was right I was not using my tummy when breathing and was using the chest.

You know it's not easy to correct something you have been doing wrong for years, but I will give it a try.

The sun came out for little while today so I was pleased to be able to get a little sun bathing in, after my swim and gym session.
I did not feel like doing the weights today but one thing I am learning is that when i dont want to do something and end up doing it , I really do feel so much better.

So today I just got on with it and did cardio followed by dumbbell usage then onto the controlled machines to work shoulders and chest, today I also worked the legs on the machines when normally I have just used the cardio to strengthen the legs.



Neil said...

Hi John, What a gem of ablog you have here. I'm currently researching life in Johor, Sounds wonderful, as I'm currently in negotiation with a Johor based company regarding employment. Hopefully if evertything falls into place It could be a new year start. I will be be rlocating with my partner from the UK. Any chance you could you suggest the best locations for housing, in the first instance we would look to rent. Ta in advance Neil

John J Foster said...

Hi Neil thanks for your comment, and yes it would be my pleasure to help.

Of course like anything in life its down to taste and cost but for us foreign renter/buyers its better to stay condo with all the facilities or landed properties on a guarded and gated community.

But just to get you going you can go to the website I use when looking for property in Malaysia, you be first surprised at how much you can get with your money, the exchange right now is around 5 to the pound. http://thinkproperty.com.my/realestate/

I choose a condo right in the centre of town, and the views are great. once you have confirmation of job offer let me know then ill do the research and provide you with full list of all you will need via email.

Neil said...

Many thanks John, fingers crossed the negotiations go to plan :-)

Cheers Neil

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