Saturday, 23 October 2010

Keeping Fit in Johor Bahru

Ancient Way to Keep FitOne thing for sure in Johor Bahru, is that there really is no excuse for not keeping yourself fit and healthy.
So many gyms are available and 90% of condominiums have gyms these days.

I myself use the thistle hotel gym, via membership with Clarke Hatch, the good thing about using this hotel for workouts is that you get to use their other resort facilities.

Then you have one of the best parks in Malaysia to go and walk,Run or Jog and that's the Istana Park.
And lots of tutors around Johor Bahru for Sports, I have altered my diet again due to increase of the midriff area, I went back to eating biscuits and bread,cheesecakes etc so just cut them down, plus I was drinking lots of the packet coffees, cappuccino,mocha, etc and while they are only 2 in one the creamer is full of glucose which is really full of sugar.

Keep Fit Be HappyImage by kevindooley via Flickr

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