Sunday, 24 October 2010

Lazy Boy Today

I love this picture, perfect to describe a lazy boy, chilling out, laid back, relaxing. all of them today was me.
Of course I did exercise this morning and ironing but most of the time I was lazing around the apartment.

Playing with my pussy's Mia and Suki, they are so much fun just to watch them both get up to no good with an empty cardboard box. then its mad half hour where they chase each other in turns around the house crashing into tables chairs etc with not an ounce of care in the world.

ha ha bit like me today when I think of it. well going to continue and go watch Man U on TV drink glass or two of red wine and the shower and bed in that order.

Up at 5 30am and start the week out with exercise and relaxing at the Thistle resort, its a hard life but some one's got to do it lol.

Ye Ha! 2-1 to Man U - nice finish to my weekend.

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