Wednesday, 13 October 2010

No Gym Today - Woke up Feeling a Bit Rough

I am really a Morning person and getting up is no problem, I had a good sleep but woke up with my guts in knots. So decided to give the gym a miss today.
It's also my piano lesson later today so I'll concentrate on getting myself fit for then.

My friends will be thinking oh its the sports on the tv(commonwealth games 2010) and If I am honest I do enjoy my sports on tv, but would not miss the gym just to watch tv, that's just counter productive to my weight loss programme.

But as i type this the noise from above is not good they are drilling the old tiles from the floor and the vibration and noise are crashing down around my ears, off course I would never complain as I believe the sooner they get it done the better, return back to normal.

Ok well I'll go have some breakfast and I know i'll  go do a batch of bread dough then later shape it into french bread for the oven. serve it tonight with our spag boll and if i feel good a nice bottle of red.

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