Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Piano Lesson Cancelled - Just have to play with myself.

Cheeky Sticker we get for good Playing.
My tutor called to let me know she is not well and cancelled the lesson for today, I hope she gets well soon but its amazing how much I look forward to going, I have been practicing my lessons and like a child wanted to impress her enough to get a cheeky sticker for my book Lol,

I'm not joking she give's me a sticker if I do well, but even at 52 I still like to get praise.

So I have been working with some backing tracks and playing along with them, the main thing is keeping in time.

Last night was a Howler in Johor Bahru, so windy at 3am I had to get up and go close the door to the balcony as it was blowing a gale through the lounge my poor birds were freezing.
And this morning I found my shorts I had drying on the balcony hanging off one of the small trees. lucky I could retrieve them.
I have been working on line  a lot today researching for some new software for my imac desktop, and am not pleased with what's on offer. I may have to set up a partition on the hard drive so I can run windows software on here, then I can access my old web editor Front Page.


Anonymous said...

Hey...i was from the uk as well..lived there for 20 years now in KL..

John J Foster said...

you made the right choice, uk is going to the dogs.
thanks for your comment, get in touch if u down this way we can have a coffee and chat.

Anonymous said...

happened to saw ur blog while searching for my daughter's piano stuffings...thx for giving johor bahru a thumbs up n hope u gotta a fruitful days throughout ur stay here... u stay with ur family..? :)

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