Monday, 11 October 2010

Sunday Night Meal out in Johor Bahru

Tonight we went out to a new restaurant in sutera mall area, called the
Tarot Cafe
29,Jalan Sutera utamaa Tanjung 8/2
Taman Sutera

I like this place as it has an open feel to it, lots of ceiling fans and the seating is really good both out and inside.

The food Menu was far to extensive, to many choices to make from, I know that sound daft to criticize but it's true their is so much on this menu it take ages to digest it and order.

Having said that the food was well presented and tasted OK but it just lacked something, oh that's it taste, I found the food to look great but tasted bland.
I had the british fish and chips, sizzling portugese chicken
tarot dry chicken beef spagetti, white coffee and a aiyi lemon the coffee was sickly as though it was from a bottle and the lemon drink was tasteless.
Total cost was RM39.90

Would I go back well to be honest I think I would, once they have settled themselves in.
 but I wish them luck in their new venture.

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