Sunday, 3 October 2010

What a great day out in Johor Bahru - Eating and Shopping

Wow I started October really well today we went out for shopping and eating started with trip out for wanton nooodle in sutra mall area,

Main meal above

Dumplings and soup


This was really nice but for me the portions in asia are to small, but in away thats not a bad thing because i ge to eat again soon ha ha cheese cake here i come.

So we went shopping in the sutra mall and I got some nice shorts really good quality at knock down price of only RM95. and some t shirts.
then after a walk around I came across vivo restaurant and went in, Actually what caught my eye was the Areo Cheesecake on display, so had to have some.

cake and coffee
Oreo cheesecake.
This was really nice, the coffee and cream was so tasty I will return for the coffee alone but come on who does not like cheesecake.

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