Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cheese and Wine Party At Home in Johor Bahru

Cheese and Wine  Party, wow sounds so grand yet it was just the two of us relaxing on the balcony overlooking the Straights of Johor on a wonderful night,
For starters we had a nice Bottle of chilled Rose by Banrock Station 2009 Crimson Cabernet, This is a product of Australia red in colour and has a vibrant and full red berry flavour, it is slightly sweet and best served chilled, to go with this one i had herb crackers with plain old Cheddar cheese on them, and the mix of the sweet wine and the Cheddar was rather nice if i say so myself.

I love spending time out on the balcony as the temp is just nice at night with a light breeze flowing all around us, the sounds from the flowing waterfall into the koi pond and the noise from the fountain shooting its water load full into the air, at night the pond is light up with underwater revolving coloured light and they reflect eerily off the plant leaves to give us a great show, the to compliment all this in the back ground the sound of the chimes as they catch whispers of air flowing around them, Bliss is a good word to describe the feelings.

OK so after half a bottle of the Crimson Cabernet we moved onto the smelly blue cheese by Castello, I myself like this one because it is extra creamy yet still has that sharp bite, you know I only started to eat this smelly cheese after eating the King of Fruits the Durian.

 I remember thinking wow something so smelly tastes so great, and now apply it to food, and so to accompany this smelly cheese I chose another Banrock station Bottle of Merlot 2008, I love this one as it taste of plums, blueberry and a hint of cherries, this mixed fruit flavour really hits it off with the blue cheese and the biscuits I choose for this one was the high fibre wheat ones,we also had some french bread that was freshly reheated to make it crunchy.

It was around 1.30 when we called it a night and headed off to Bo Bo land,but you know what, I slept like a baby but did not want to get up this morning, in fact slept in till 11.30.

 Now anyone knowing me who gets up every day at around 5 30 will know that this was a real lay in for me. (with a fuzzy head ) self inflicted so no need to feel sorry for me lol.

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Anonymous said...

Cheese and wine party??? I remember when it was Beer and Bingo party my god he's gone middle class since he left the UK But Danish Blue? pick a better cheese enjoy yourself mate u deserve every minute!

John J Foster said...

yes your right and I do miss the nights out at the bingo club with lots of nice people with a few beers and a nice meal, not to forget the bingo.

many thanks for your comment

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