Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Best Sandwich to Go with your Morning Coffee - Trust Me

I not kid you this is the best sandwich you can have with you morning coffee the two just fit together like a hand and glove so to speak,
Anyway back to the sandwich. OK You ready for this -- its a Egg and Bacon Butty with mayo and mustard on a toasted french bread,
Just look at this baby coming together,
We Start by toasting our French bread, just enough to make it crunchy,

Split the bread into half and squirt the mayo and mustard all over the bread

Cook the bacon using only its own fat - i like mine well done

The egg I cook in just a little butter, try not to pop the yolk as you will need to spread it out over the bacon.

 Now after spreading the yolk over the bacon sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper.

Fold over the bread and cut, while this was going on the Coffee was brewing,

The coffee I use is a blend of Italian rich blend 2x scoops and 1x scoop of rich espresso, this combo for me give me not only the rich aroma i like when brewing my coffee but also the flavoursome taste you must have with every sip.

You can see in the left filter the remains of the coffee beans that were grinned - Tip - Put these into your garden compost the plants love it.

For me I like to serve my coffee over hot milk, but other like to add cream.

And there we have it the perfect start to any ones days. Go on Make one yourself - you know you want to try it.


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