Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cheese Tarts from Melaka Are so Yummy Yummy

This simple, relaxing Malay-run Chinatown snack shop does a small range of bite-size snacks, from blueberry and cheese tarts to pineapple pies, apple pies and kaya - coconut cream that you spread on bread.

  • Tart & Tart Bakery
  • Address
    • 45 Lorong Hang Jebat Chinatown
  • Phone
    • tel, info: 06 282 1181 
       I just received the above box from a dear friend that came back from Melaka and it contained four tarts of different flavours , I ate two one pineapple and one cheese and both were fantastic, the pastry was the best I have had for years, It melted in the mouth and the flavours in the fillings were truly delicious to the taste buds.
      One thing for sure is that on my next visit their I shall call into the above shop to sample many more. yum yum.

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