Saturday, 20 November 2010

Chilled Out Cats in Johor Bahru

Chilled Out Cats in Johor Bahru

Cat Update, Mia and Suki in Johor Bahru. These adorable cats are Mia the long haired persian and Suki the short hair rag doll, are so laid backthis is their favorite position while they watch tv.

I'm sure Mia is a squirrel in disguise

Mia spend lots of time sitting on her hind legs, she will even eat like this if you give her a treat.
But both cats are so funny the way they flop down against a wall, they just love to lean on things usually my feet, The girls get on so well, that often one will lean on one foot while the other uses my other foot for her pillow. 

Mia lays flat to drink water

this is quite comical when Mia goes for a drink she spreads her legs either side of the water dispenser

I am really pleased we got Mia to go with suki for company, as they really get along have become really good sisters, in their day to day life in Johor Bahru.

other news about the cats.

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