Friday, 5 November 2010

Deepavali Holidays Are For Being Good to Yourself


Festival of Light ; Deepavali Legends from Around India
Festival of Light
Yes it's holiday time again in Malaysia - The 2010 Diwali or Deepavali start from 5th of November 2010.
And marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year, according to the Lunar Calendar. It literally translated means 'Row of Lights', and I can tell you last night around Johor Bahru I saw some fantastic fireworks going off, and they went on for ages - much longer than the one at New Year did.

So the question is what do you do with your time off, Let's face it you work hard all week you need a break right?. That brings me to being good to yourself, you need to relax, unwind and most of enjoy all that is going on around you.

for Me this is easy I go to gym workout the relax by the pool till its time for lunch, then we are going to our local Italian restaurant, because its very good food and ambiance.

Then we will go to the shopping mall and take in the latest blockbuster movie.

Then guess what! - its more food and drinks, then home to continue the theme of relaxation well into the night with some soft music, retreat out to the balcony and take in the wonderful sound of life around Johor Bahru.(with a gin & Tonic of course lol)

Tomorrow is another day and you can catch up with your house chores etc then - BUT for today its time to CHILL  OUT!!.

November 5thImage by Mike_fleming via Flickr
Shubh Deepavali (poojan Vidhi Aarti)Shubh Deepavali (poojan Vidhi Aarti)

Dasara Na DeepavaliDasara Na Deepavali

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