Monday, 8 November 2010

East Meets West - Food Delights in Johor Bahru

Well over the deepavali holidays we tried out some new restaraunts and these are some of them .

This was called Ind-West Gourmet - A place for good food and Drinks.

took a little finding and infact it was not our intended choice the one we was coming to eat at was empty (Not a good sign in my books) so I went round the block as this place had caught my eye and I am very glad that we did.

Wow naughty boy I never took any pictures but I can assure you that the food was wonderful in fact it was so tasty i infact had a take away of the mutton curry (melt in the mouth meat) the best sauce i tasty so creamy and full of flavours.

Will we go back? - OH YESSSS

Give it a try yourself this is the location map.


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