Sunday, 14 November 2010

Fine Dinning at the Villagio Restaurant in Johor Bahru

Fish tank at the back.

This is the update from the other days entry about the steak lovers restaurant in Johor Bahru.

These are some images of the place, and the food we had last night.

nice outlook
 I like the way they have done this, by covering up the window frames it give the allusion of open space out onto the balcony seating area.

Our starter to share.
Nice beef and olive pizza

Sea Bass Baked in paper

This was the best Sea Bass I had for a long time,
the fish just melted in the mouth and had a wonderful taste,

Lamb Shank

This was also melt in the mouth meat,

Meant for Sharing

This was nice but meant for sharing, as a full one would in my opinion be to sickly.

The Bill,

Not bad for nice ambiance and food

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