Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Getting Out And About in Johor Bahru

Today I'm out in the Bucket Indah Area, heading over to do my Piano lessons in the shopping Mall at creative piano store, but stopped by Starbucks for my intake of coffee and a Christmas Muffin, Wow Christmas getting so close to us now I'll have to start thinking of buying presents.

But for now its my time and I'm relaxing over a filter coffee while I type this blog, I love to sit here and watch as people go about their daily lives, and paint pictures of them in my mind as to what they do for a living.

Not that I'll ever find out but its just the fun of guessing. and being naturally nosey lol. right now it's only 1 30 pm so got another our to kill before i go to lessons.
And you guessed it I'm staying right here, This is a good shopping centre to fetch your family because it has so much to entertain the kids and adult have such a wide choice of goods to look at.
I like the way they have it set out with food restaurant set in its very own street, then top floor is for electrical and phones with sports shop and of course at the end of each floor you have access to Jusco the superstore.

After I finish my lessons ill go into the Jusco to do my weekly shopping for all my essentials, I like the fruits at Jusco and the beef but not the chicken don't know why but it always looks off to me, for that and pork I nip around to Tescos just down the road to buy the other stuff like my mineral water, chicken,pork and my wines.

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