Sunday, 28 November 2010

Gozen Japanese Restaurant in Johor Bahru - New Restaurant

Today we went for lunch at the new Japanese Restaurant called Gozen, it's over by the Sutera Shopping Mall Area,

When we arrived their was about 6 other tables eating, and felt rather empty, which gave me second thoughts as to whether it was a good choice or not. ( It was).

The menu is Japanese dishes and Western - today we had Japanese but from what I saw the western dishes were well catered for and looked a very reasonable price.

OK to the photos of our meal.

Bento Box Meal

The Salmon was superb, as was everything else - highly recommended.

Sushi selection

Sushi selection not only looks so nice but tasted fantastic.

Chicken in BBQ

Very Tasty Chicken

Tuna salad

The Tuna was so yummy, was three slices but I could not wait.

Mushroom custard

Different but so nice

Close up of Salmon

This tasted as good as it looks

bar area

Bar Kitchen Area

Entrance direction

Entrance so nice with waterfalls and chimes

This is going to become one of the great places to eat if they keep the standard up, Business details.

Contact Details

Address and Opening  hours

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