Sunday, 21 November 2010

Great Minds Think A Like in Johor Bahru

Mee Siam with Lime

Their I was having my lazy morning on the balcony drinking coffee and having a bite of my egg and bacon special sandwich i make,( ) when my mind started thinking about what to have for lunch,

My mind was saying go to permas jaya for Dim Sum ( I love dim sum on a Sunday, such a laid back meal with lots of varieties to choose from and at your own pace of eating), but then I got a thought to eating some,
 Mee Siam, (nice and spicy but not to hot) when my phone rang and wow it was my friend who had just been cooking for the family when she thought about me and said she was sending over some Mee Siam for my lunch.

Is this, Truly Great minds thinking alike? I don't Know, but what I do know, is I'm going to really enjoy it.

Phot.Chin.Dim.Sum.02.080521Image by frankartculinary via Flickr
Wow Dim Sum Heaven.

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