Monday, 1 November 2010

Kluang Valley in Johor - Beef Noodle was so Good

The Beef Noodle Sign in Kluang
Living in Johor is such a luxury for me as I can go to so many places that are within one or two hours drive away, and the scenery changes so much.

One the things I have mentioned so many times on my websites and blogs, is how Malaysia's main highways are lucky,  in that they wined their way through some of the best Natural views around the country.

Driving in most other countries on the highway is so boring, but here I find it wonderful, a different view at every turn.

ha ha once again I get carried away so back to the subject of Kluang in Johor.

My dear friend told me of her home town and the wonderful food that one can get their, so this Sat morning we decided to go and check it out ourselves, and she was not wrong.

On the way up their I must point out two places that I spotted and I plan to return to at another date
  • Organic Farm
  • UK Agro Farm
both are on the main road into Kluang and has lots of parking at both, from what I could See.

So arriving as we did hungry, when the thought of food is not far, we found the beef noodle shop first but across the road was a Dim sum shop both were very busy, we decided to go for the beef noodle and were glad we did as they were fantastic, the beef was so tender and tasty.
this we washed down with some wheat-grass drink, found it bitter but nice at the same time.
Wheat-Grass Drink

We then had a drive around the area and both agreed we would return to try the dim sum and check out the town a bit more.

If you have not been be4 then I think it will be a worthwhile trip, From Johor Bahru it only took around one hour.

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