Friday, 5 November 2010

Mid Life Crisis - I Now Want Some Tattoo's

Mid Life Crisis - I Now Want Tattoo's on my body. and its the last one on the list, I done all the others. Lmao.

(A midlife crisis is experienced between the ages of 40 and 60. It was first identified by the psychologist Carl Jung and is a normal part of the maturing) .

Ha ha now this must be my mid life crises because up until now, and having been in the Navy for years I always resisted the urges to have them put onto my body.

Yet here I am now in my 50's contemplating having not one but two (one on each arm) done.

Then it's what would one have, put onto their body, that would have meaning and for me.

So I thought about the family coat of arms and that's one arm sorted so it would be rude of me not to have my Mother's side done also - so its her coat of arms on the other arm.

I actually like both of the family coat of arms they have nice style about them but what they will look like as a tattoo is any bodies guess.

So I have got the two printed off and the next part is to search for a good artist preferably one that come recommended.

So this is the deal folks - Do you think its a good idea to go with it or would do you feel I should be cautious, after all it's marking my body for the rest of my life.

Well these are the coat of arms i shall be having done.(maybe)

Right Shoulder

Left Shoulder

The Latin part shall be replaced with the family names, both sides of the family.
If you live in Johor Bahru. and have had tattoos done please let me know by who and if you was happy with the service, oh and any pain.


solutechuk said...

lol Tattoos whatever next . Mark & Tony would be having a right old chuckle at this one :D

John J Foster said...

ha ha mat your probaly right.

Anonymous said...

did you get the tattoo's done? are you still in Malaysia? Hope so becos it is a great place to be

Chris B

John J Foster said...

Hi Chris B

Never got them done as the work involved was quite extensive and cheapest quote I could get was over RM1800 for each shoulder.

They all explained that the work involved was a lot and in three stages.

So considering the work involved I was OK with the RM cost but not that much to have it done, and Mid Life Crises Over, or is it. Still looking for my Yacht lol

thanks for your comment

regards John J Foster

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