Tuesday, 30 November 2010

New Restoration Project in Johor Bahru

Ha ha I bet you came looking for some building that's being done up, Sorry but to me its just as important.
As it belongs to a dear friend who was sad to see it deteriorating, out in the hot Malaysian weather.

These are photos as of it yesterday, when I received it, I shall be cleaning it then rub it down, wash off, let dry about two times, to get back to the wood and not the grime that has built up over the past years.

My first impressions about it are very positive, it was very well made in the first place just a couple of repairs to be done and 2 slat's to re glue down, otherwise just a stain and varnish (spar).


As I got it.

detail work will need work to highlight it.

Of Course it will take about a week allowing for coats to dry etc, but I will post the finished pictures then.

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