Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Perfect Stay at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

I have to point out that this would be my perception of a perfect stay, at the Le Meridien Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
Hotel Looks Good Right!

So lets get started
Item s we all want in a perfect stay at a hotel,

  • Good Service at the Reception
  • Five Star Service - throughout the hotel.
  • Clean comfortable rooms - they even have their own laundry so no problems with getting clean sheets etc.
  • Great Food - this should be easy as they have award winning Chef Antonie and Chef Adzian Shafik Azmi
  • An excelent resort feel to the lesuire facilities including a great spa
  • Great Offers to entice you to stay in the first place.
OK so the Le Meridien in Kuala Lumpur is a five star hotel and as such one should expect that extra mile by the staff over the entire stay.

Most holidays start at the arrival and one thing i really like is a speedy check in, but first i like to stand just inside the entrance and have a look round, you can learn a lot from how the hotel lobby feels and works.

The light show in the Lobby

 So its over to the reception desk only to be whisked off to the club lounge for a very relaxed check in, with a welcome drink.

A place to relax and just soak up the views
Once i have finished my drink its off down to the room, now this is the part i really like as i can tell from the first 6 seconds in a room if I like it, and the door opens to reveal
Now this is what I call home from home.
A fantastic lounge to relax in, and this one is very nice, I just love the homely feel it exudes throughout.
My Next Part that has be right is the Bathroom, so lets look and this is what we see....

Ha ha No peeping Now.

Oh yes I can get used to this. I shall enjoy that later on but lets explore more of this fantastic hotel and exactly what it has to offer..

But the main part has yet to come and that's the bedroom....
This will do just fine.

So its off down to the pool and so many choices, wow,

Lagoon type pool - Love this

A Gordon's Gin & Schweppes Tonic and ill be happy..
Well so far so good, now lets go and check out the bars and restaurants..
Private Dinning

Prime restaurant Looks nice and bright Love the seating
My Favourite the Italian restaurant
I am  meat eater so I was excited about seeing the Steak restaurant..
very stylish

You can explore this part yourself.

So their you have some of the essential places in a hotel that have to be above par every day and night throughout ones stay and anyone of them not performing can spoil your holiday, but Im glad to report that they work as a team at the le meridien to ensure we have the best possible stay. well enough chatting you guys and girls, I'm off to relax and unwind and enjoy some of the above.

I would really love to hear from anyone that has stayed here, leave your comments relating to your stay at the five star Le Meridien Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

For more information use the links below.

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