Sunday, 5 December 2010

Chilling Out by the Pool in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Family Fun by the Pool In Malaysia

Sunday's in Johor Bahru,Malaysia. Is family time of fun and chilling in the sun.

Nothing quite beats the hot sun glistening over the Pool, and kids splashing about enjoying the themselves.

Of course the kids love nothing more than to splash the adults, and nowadays the water guns that most family's have are great fun, unless you get a shot in the face,( can sting a little0.

BB Q's are also a good pass time by the pool, after playing in the water it usually make one very hungry and a BBQ chicken wing can go down really well with a nice glass of wine.

Well Cheers everyone - Back into the pool...................

State flag. The flag of Johor. Flag ratio 1:2.Image via Wikipedia
Johor Flag Malaysia


gunsirit said...

Lucky for you, it's always raining here in Sabah..

John J Foster said...

Ha ha Gunsirit, We get a lot of rain in JB too but mostly in the afternoon, so spend most pool time in the mornings now.

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