Thursday, 2 December 2010

Do Koi Fish Get Scared

pond fish
The reason I asked is because after the thunder and lightning the other day, I had 3 koi in the pond yet this morning all three was out of the pond - Something must have scared them to make them jump out of the pond.
Sad really had them three years now and they used to take food out of my hand, and let me tickle their belly's.

 Anyway took the opportunity to rearrange the area around the pond and give the whole area a good clean and moved the waterfall a little higher and back towards the window. should look good with the lights on it later.
Going to make my own bio filter using the roots of plants to filter out the water as it is forced up in a spiral pattern be4 leaving via two tubes one to the fountain the other to the waterfall.

Got the idea from you tube, amazing what you can find nowadays, anyway once i start to build it ill take photos and do a blog about the making of a bio pond filter.
Artificial pond stocked with pond fishImage via Wikipedia
Mixed fish in pond


gunsirit said...

Nice koi you have there. Looking forward to see your new project. :)

John J Foster said...

Thanks Gunsirit, Love my fish, they give me so much joy, I also have three tropical tanks and One Marine tank, Two parrots, two cats and one budgie, like a small pet shop here, but love pets.

Yes should be starting on the new bio filter system soon, was out today pricing up the materials for the project.

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