Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Dolphin Spotted in Johor Bahru.

dolphin spitting into my pond.

Unusual grey colour too, may have ago at painting him, but I just love Dolphins, and when I saw this on offer I just had to have him, By the way he is called Jasper.

This Pond I put together for my balcony high up over looking Johor Bahru city, and as you can see i even make use of a scoop that had been thrown out, but I try to not waste anything. but amazes me just what people trow out when with just a bit of thought they can convert them into something like this, which give s me so much pleasure, it was the perfect shape for the water fall into the filtration unit with bio crystal rings then the water overflows onto the swans that invaded yesterday and then down onto the pond.

This make the koi fish happy, they love to swim under it. OK some more shots of Jasper the Dolphin.

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