Thursday, 16 December 2010

Eye Infection Not a Nice Feeling

Woke up this morning with the left eye feeing like it had bits of grit in it, went to the bathroom and this is what i saw when i pulled the eye lid down.
Scary stuff, went to doctors who said it was just an infection and gave me some cream and antibiotics. Cost RM45

within about 10 mins of taking the antibiotics the irritations had gone.

I was working the garden most of yesterday so something could have got into it that caused the infection.


gunsirit said...

Glad that it was just an ordinary infection. The "Red eye" infection could take a longer time to heal.

John J Foster said...

Yeah I went to doctor straight away, the eyes are to delicate to mess around with.

it feels much better now got two more days worth of tablets and cream then it should be gone.

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