Monday, 6 December 2010

Gaden Bench update on refurbishment

As it was when i got it.

After clean up and sanding

Repairs to slats

New Project Coffee Table

Wash and Removal of years of varnish and polish

Difficult part is the scroll work

Close up of top damage to repair

damage to the side

UPDATE 10/12/2010.

1st coat of spar varnish

1st coat spar varnish on.


gunsirit said...

You are really good at repairing and refurbishing furnitures. I could never do that. Well done!

Emilee de lesi said...

wow! I am from JB, great to know some expat staying in Jb :D
May I know what kind of pass you holding? My boyfriend come from UK too, he like to move to JB too but seen like very hard to apply a legal pass to stay in Msia.

John J Foster said...

Thank you Gunsirit, just take my time, and enjoy the finished results.

Hi Emilee, I am on the MM2H programme
and it was easy to get on it, check out the for more info.
I get ten year visa renewable every 10 years

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