Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Grow your own Pineapples

My First One in 2006 with baby on now in 2010

This is the first one I grew in Johor Bahru and already after 4 years has given me the first fruit, and it looks really good
. I do one every year around December to welcome in the New Year with a new plant.

Ok So how easy is it, well its very easy, the hardest part is being prepared to wait for the roots to grow before you plant it on.
first Process grow the roots

this is the top of the pineapple you buy in the store, just grip the whole head and twist it off, then remove most of the lower leafs, and place into a tall cup with a little water in the bottom.

new roots forming

This is the bottom you can see the small roots growing out, now you lower the water level so they have to go search for the water.

Once the roots have grown out to about 1 inch its ready to plant out.

Well good luck and comment if you want any more info.

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