Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Just fitted a Panosonic water Purifier PJ-37MRF Red

 Just installed the red purifier in the kitchen, I have been meaning to get one for ages, after seeing it in my friends house.
But like all things it just kept being put off. Then my friend got me one.

It's so easy to install the kit comes with all the adaptors you will need.

The part I like about this more expensive model is the tap adapter. It has a quality feel about it. and as you can see even with small plate in the sink it does not splash back all over me as it has been doing, but of course the best thing is the fact i can drink water from the tap now. and it taste really good to.

I have been buying bottled water for 5 years now, so using this should save me a lot of money. but ill reserve judgement depending on how fast i need to renew the filters. this model also has an indicator on the top indicating when to change, a nice touch I thought.

Basket of Fiji Bottled Water (1 of 3) - StarbucksImage by djwaldow via Flickr
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BOTTLE water I used to buy lots off.


hakim said...

Hi dude. Can I use your picture? I'm making a proposal for my university to installing the water filtration at our surau. A bit like community service stuff. I'm hoping to be able to use awesome pictures so the one who read the proposal can get a bit of idea how it might look like when installed and yours the best so far I've seen.

John J Foster said...

Hi Hakin
Yes you can use the pictures you need, good luck with your project.

Regards John

MEP1522 said...

Hi John,
I was looking for a suitable water filters available in the market and came across PJ-37MRF. Before this I was considering buying those expensive elken reverse osmosis but change my mind after reading few articles on RO disavatages. Since it has been more than a year now since your post on PJ-37MRF, so how is it?

John J Foster said...

To be honest this has been the best buy I made in Malaysia, After six months I thought I would check up on how much the replacement filter would be and to my horror it was over RM180 but a year on and I am still on the same filter - I use it every day to fill the Kettle and coffee machines plus the water bottles and the indicator on top is still showing blue, So I am very pleased when you consider I was paying around 50rm a month on bottle water alone, its more than paid for itself. But when it does run out I will just buy a new machine rather than a filter because they are nearly the same price.

I really like the taste of the water that come out of it.

thanks for your comment

Regards John

Nizam said...

Hi John..

I also interested with this model..

Can we drink the water from the water filter without boiling it ?..


John J Foster said...

hi Nizam,
Yes thats it's main purpose, drink fresh from it, I also use this water to fill kettle, teas taste much better and the filter lah, last so long.

I am still using the original from when I got the unit. mind you the replacement is expensive but for the time it last and all the bottle water i no long buy, it's still my best buy yet in Malaysia.

Regards John

Thivanka said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the nice write up on the blog, I just picked up a unit and fitted the thing and all seems good.

Have a bit of confusion which I hope you can help with, the indicator stays red, and when I purify some water it goes blue and then goes back to red, given that it's a new unit I would expect that it should be blue? Am a little confused at the moment as the instructions seem to say that I need to replace expect in low pressure (not the case for me) and the facet is too closed. This one I don't understand



John J Foster said...


Oh you will be pleased with it I am sure.

OK to answer your question,

when you flow water it turns blue to show you the filter is working then returns to red when you stop the flow of water.

when it stays red once water flows only then so you need to change.

if like mine will be ages before that happens

Regards John

Thivanka said...

Hi John,

This is brilliant news, the instructions say otherwise but I felt it might be wrong as the brand new unit was showing red instead of blue on day one, instruction booklet says when no water is flowing it should be blue and when flowing if it turns blue then need to replace.

The water taste good, so am a happy camper, and your right there is a double filter fitted in our flat, so it might be a while before I need to change the filter cartridge.

Thanks once again for your feedback, appreciate it,

Kind regards


Sharon said...

Hi John,

I'm looking for a new water filter. Saw your post saying that the Panasonic PJ-37MRF quite good. Are you still using it? Any problem with it after 2 years using it?

John J Foster said...

Hi Sharon,

Yes I am Still using it and not had to change the filer yet. I use it everyday and surprised it's not run out yet, this filter has indicator on top that stay red when you need to change it and mine is still showing blue.

Having said that the water in this condominium is already filtered on entry to the units so its not had to work to hard but still 2 year and still going strong.

Very pleased with it indeed.

Regards John

Shibashis Chakraburtty said...

Hi John

Are u still using this model...am planning to buy one and I stay in KL. have u required a change of cartridge and approx. how many litres of water u use in a month from this filter.


John J Foster said...

Hi Thx,
I used it for filling the the kettle and cooking with and drinking,

I am not using it now because i moved into new house 10 months ago but it was still running well - you will not regret buying it. I am using the 3m under sink one now and while its good its expensive when it comes to changing the filter. I wish i had fetched the above one with us.

Regards John.

akiraryuu said...

Hi John,

This is Tony. I just installed the same one in my new apartment and start drinking tap water without boiling for 2-3 days. As on the explanation it seems safe as it can filter bacteria 99.9%. Did you doing the same ? If yes, kindly share if any health issue or sick caused. Thanks.

John J Foster said...

Hi Tony,

Installed it and used it daily for over three years with no issues or health problems.

regards John

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