Friday, 17 December 2010

Mia And Suki Playing Hide & Seek in Johor Bahru

Mia enjoying the paper in the box
I got a delivery this morning, from Ego nutrition, and as usual they pack the boxes really well so much so always lots of paper in the boxes, Mia just loves to bounce around in the box with all that paper, she then plays at throwing it out, all this time not allowing her sister Suki to get in the box with her.

Suki looking for Mia

This is Suki looking for Mia who is hiding below the paper, if you zoom in you can just see hers eyes.

Suki Finds Mia

Arhhhh Their you are Mia.
At lleast that what it looked like to me, I have so much fun just watching the cats, they never go outside so I try to make their life exciting and adventurious, by moving things around,

Setting up obstacle courses for them to attempt. and play with them as much as possible, I say that because cats will not do anything unless they want to.

At night suki loves to jump up next to me and snuggle into my side, while Mia prefer to stay on the floor but none the less like to make contact with me and cuddles into my feet.

These cats are so adorable, I am blessed to have got them and of course respected that and will give them the best love and care as I do with all my other pets, Parrots, budgies, koi fish, lizards, catfish, tropical tanks and big Marine salt water tank I also have a pond and waterfall on the balcony and another tank with chiclids and catfish out their.
But to me life without pets is not really a life its an existence, with pets, no two days are ever the same.


gunsirit said...

Nice pets you have there. I used to own a water buffalo as a pet years ago.. :)

John J Foster said...

ha ha that's so funny - I just laughing and thinking how to keep one in the Condo, (Think management may tell me off?)

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