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My Christmas Day in Johor Bahru 2010

OK so Christmas day for us started after Midnight, we exchanged gifts, and had a little drink to welcome the Spirit of Christmas into our Home.
Then it's off to bed, so why am I showing you a picture of the turkey we had yesterday, well that's because the first meal will be using some of the left over turkey white meat.
The leg meat had been removed and curried then I allowed it to cool and then be4 bed popped it into the freezer, and because the turkey was so big I also froze one of the Breast for to use later in the week.

OK so back to Christmas day, and it's breakfast using some white meat some portabella mushrooms and onion, Garlic,butter, olive oil combo to cook the ingredients.
It was so simple once the turkey was heated through with other ingredients i added two spoons of Campbell mushroom condensed soup, heated and served over toast. so yummy.

Next we Got into the car and Drove up to Kluang about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Johor Bahru to do some shopping and eating, snacks, visit the Organic Farm.

This is a Hugh place to look at they even have bicycles to look around the grounds with.

This was the entrance to the Restaurant and we did think of eating here but to be honest for me their was just to many fly s around.

Open out onto the Farm
They also have a Farm shop on site that sells everything they produce on site.

It was then onto have a Beef Noodle Lunch at the

YEAN KEE Restaurant,
No4 Jalan Murni 1
Taman Murni
Tel: 012-7733-088
We had one portion of the beef noodle each and one of the Beef meat balls, with sour lime drinks,

The portions are small but when you consider that the most expensive thing on the whole menu is RM6 you can understand why,  most people will order lots of the small portions to make up the big family meal to share together.

This is the signature dish, home made Noodle, it was so smooth and light in your mouth.

So after the food we went of into the Shopping Mall to buy some Men's Smelly, got my eye on some Chic for men, Bvlgari for men, also heard about the versace for men, these are all really nice for me because they are not over powering and only really noticed by people that get close.(if I am lucky lol)

I also got the New 360 Mob and Bucket for the big house clean up I do over the holiday period, also got couple of T shirts.

Now it's time for Snacks so it's down to the ground floor to Secret Recipe for coffee and cheesecake.

I usually order the health grain cheesecake but it was sold out, (just my luck - what i never understand is, if it's a best seller - why not have more of it for sale).

I ended up with a espresso cheesecake and an cappuccino to drink.

Then we went to listen to the piano concert in the Mall.
Kawai Baby Grand 6ft
The Sound of the piano was fantastic

The sound from the piano playing Christmas music was a real treat and everyone had a smile on their faces. The above Piano was for sale at RM28000. (very good price I thought).

So After a full day of sightseeing ,shopping,eating, it was Time To Party, and off to Barney's for our Christmas day feast.

You can, and I recommend you give it a try, find Barney's at N0 5&6 Jalan Yayasan in Kluang.

This was the view from our table

The Restaurant was decorated throughout and had a really nice party feel to it with lots of people celebrating birthdays, and making lots of noise singing and shouting out good wishes.
So the atmosphere was fantastic even before the food started to arrive.
The Menu was Christmas themed and had many choices.

We choose to have the Roast beef dinner set meal, consisted of Pumpkin soup and French bread, main meal and Pumpkin cheesecake to follow.

The other dish was Cod set meal, and to drink we had Dragon Cocktail.

Beef Dinner
Cod Dinner with beef - we share lol


Dragon Cocktail

Barney's Restaurant in Kluang 25th Dec 2010

Anyway we decided as the food was so good to share a RACK of LAMB and boy was it good.

Then it was a 2 hour Drive back Due to Daniel our GPS taking us onto the old road back to JB and not the highway and hey its so scary on the old road pitch black, so we detoured to the highway as soon as possible. got back to JB safe and sound and had what can only be described as wonderful time in Kluang for Christmas 2010.

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